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Volunteer Application and Forms

SPS partnered with VolunteerLocal last school year to move our volunteer application process online. In addition to saving the environment and education funds, our online onboarding system offers many benefits to school volunteers:
• You can apply to multiple schools at the same time.
• Google tools translate forms into 100+ languages (look for "Select Language" link above).
• The application is accessible to community members with disabilities.
THANK YOU for helping us save 114,000 sheets of paper last school year - that's 14 trees!

Submit your application and all required documents at least 2 weeks before the expected volunteer service start date.
Volunteering on a field trip? Both, the main Volunteer Application and Chaperone Form are required.

Thank you for helping us create safe learning environments! We look forward to the difference your volunteer service will make in the lives of students and school communities.

1. New Volunteers: Click Here to Complete the SPS Volunteer Application

• Please schedule 15-20 minutes to complete this application in full. VolunteerLocal does not save application drafts.
• Don't have a volunteer opportunity lined up yet? Visit our district volunteer opportunities page.

2. Returning Volunteers: Click Here To Review Your Original Application

If you completed the online application in the 2018/19 or current school year, please do not submit a new one. Instead, click here to retrieve your original volunteer application link so you can:
• review your volunteer status (click on "Update your application" and look for your "VOLUNTEER STATUS" under question 11),
• transfer your application to a different school,
• update your personal information or emergency contact,
• opt-out of volunteering with SPS.

If you have additional questions about your volunteer status, call your school office or email the school's volunteer program liaison.

3. Click Here to Complete the Chaperone Form K-12 Day & Overnight Field Trips - Safety & Student Supervision Guidelines/Expectations

• Volunteer Application Must Be Submitted First

4. Click Here to Complete the Driver Check List for Volunteers

• Volunteer Application Must Be Submitted First

Experiencing technical difficulties? Review these tips:

1. Do not exit the browser immediately after submitting your application. Wait for the next page to load & check if corrections are needed. A "thank you" page will indicate that your application was submitted successfully, followed by an automatic email confirmation.
2. File size limits: 10MB per file and 20MB total. Each file you attach must be under 10MB. If needed, submit two files at first, then use a link in your confirmation email to add more.
3. Using a smartphone to apply? VolunteerLocal recommends a device with a larger screen and the Google Chrome browser.
4. Still unable to submit the application? Please try submitting without any attachments and add those after receiving your profile link.

What To Expect After You Submit Your Application:

1. You will receive an automatic email confirming receipt of your application.
2. Your application will be reviewed by the school you selected. Applications with all requested attachments and no criminal records to review are usually processed within two weeks. If your residential history requires a national background check, the school will wait to receive the results of your background check first. Typically, national background check results take 2-3 days, but occasionally as long as three weeks. This depends entirely on processing times in the counties where you resided.
3. Most schools notify each volunteer as soon as their application is approved. Contact your school directly if you do not hear from them within three weeks. call your school office or email the school's volunteer program liaison.

Users with disabilities with questions about this website's accessibility can contact VolunteerLocal at hello@volunteerlocal.com or (800) 493-5135.