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2018/19 SPS Volunteer Application

August 1st - July 31st, 2019
Important: Do not exit this window immediately after submitting the application. Wait for the next page to load & check if you need to make any corrections. A "thank you" message on the next page will indicate that your application was submitted successfully.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Seattle Public Schools! Submit your complete application at least 2 weeks before expected volunteer service start date.

Before you begin, make sure you have the following items ready:

1. Proof of completing the Adult Sexual Misconduct (ASM) Prevention training available at http://seattleschools.org/misconductvideo - upload a digital copy of your certificate or email confirmation. You can also provide the approximate training completion date if you no longer have your certificate or confirmation email.
2. Emergency contact name and phone number.
3. Two references, including one personal or family reference.
4. Government issued ID (upload a digital copy - this can be a clear photo taken with a smartphone).
5. Your digital photo so staff can identify you when you arrive at the school.

Most schools send application status updates via email.

While completing the form below, please stay on this page - do not go back to your previous browser page - you will lose the information you entered.

If you are unable to upload requested documents, please deliver them to the school office within 10 business days - your application is not complete until school staff has copies of those items.

M̀h’gōi | Gracias! | Mahadsanid | Cảm ơn bạn | 谢谢 | THANK YOU!

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1. First name (as it appears on your ID) *
Preferred first name
2. Middle initial
3. Family/Last name *
4. Have you ever used names other than your current legal name? If so, please list them here (previous married name, an alias, maiden name, etc)
5. Date of Birth *

A valid date as MM/DD/YYYY (for example: 12/04/1989)
6. Attach a file clearly displaying your government-issued photo ID with your date of birth. If you are UPDATING your application, select the file and "SAVE INFORMATION" at the bottom of the page.
ID is required. If you cannot upload the file right now, your application receipt email will include instructions for adding it later. You may also provide a paper copy of your ID to the school office.
Are you applying to volunteer for a field trip? A chaperone and/or driver form is required in addition to this main application. You can apply before trip dates are announced but no later than 2 weeks before the trip.
7. Phone number *

A full 10-digit phone number (for example: 555-123-1234, (555) 123-1234, 555.123.1234, etc)
8. Address *
9. City *
10. Zip code *
11. State *
12. Why are you interested in volunteering with us (please check all that apply) *

If you have a student at the school, please share their name and grade level::
Student 1: First name
Student 1: Last name
Student 1: Grade level
Student 1: Teacher's name (if known)
Student 2: First name
Student 2: Last name
Student 2: Grade level
Student 2: Teacher's name (if known). If you have more students at SPS schools, please add their info to the last section of this form.
Select volunteer roles you are interested in. *

13. Are you applying for a specific role that was advertised by SPS or the school? If so, please share the role title and how you learned about it.
14. If you require any special accommodations in a work environment, please describe them here.
Please mark your skills and areas of expertise. We will use your selections for matching you with current and future volunteer opportunities.

DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION | We are building a culturally responsive volunteer program to best support our students.
15. Please share which communities you identify with or are part of, so when possible, we can match you with a school or program where your background and life experiences will be most beneficial to students.

16. Share other affiliations, interests, expertise or skills that may help you connect/build rapport with our students: sports you follow or play, things you enjoy in your spare time, causes you are passionate about.
.17 Do you speak languages other than English? Please note them here
IDENTITY & BACKGROUND CHECK | Student safety is very important to us. Information in this section allows us to process your annual background check. Thank you for helping us create safe learning environments!
18. Sex (as it appears on your ID) *
Preferred pronouns
19. The following information will help us select an appropriate background check for you. Please check as many answers as apply. *

If your WA ID was issued less than 3 years ago, upload proof of your 3+ years residency in WA (e.g. older ID, lease agreement, utility bill). If you are UPDATING your application be sure to select the file, then SAVE this form at the bottom of this page.
20. Upload your photo here so staff can identify you when you arrive at the school. If your school provides personalized volunteer badges this photo will appear on your badge.
List two individuals who we can call for a reference. Please share at least one personal reference (family member or friend). Examples of other references: your employer, teacher, volunteer coordinator at another organization.
21. Reference #1: Full name *
Reference #1: How does this person know you? *
Reference #1: Phone Number *
Reference #1: Email address
22. Reference #2: Full name
Reference #2: How does this person know you?
Reference #2: Phone number
Reference #2: Email
23. Please list your current or most recent employer
24. Emergency contact name *
Relationship *
Phone number *
SPS Volunteer Handbook is available at http://www.seattleschools.org/volunteerhandbook
Nationally, 1 in 4 girls & 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before age 18. We can all help protect children by learning to recognize and respond to sexual abuse.
SPS provides an online Adult Sexual Misconduct (ASM) Prevention training to volunteers and our partners at no cost - it is available here
The course is 17-minutes long and ends with a very short form - be sure to complete it to receive an email verification (previously a certificate). Save the email as a file or take a screen shot.
26. Every new volunteer must complete the ASM Prevention training before beginning service - this is a one-time requirement. *
To expedite your application approval, please upload your ASM Prevention email file here. If you are UPDATING this application, select the file from your computer and "SAVE INFORMATION" at the bottom of this page.
Request for Criminal History Information in accordance with Child/Adult Abuse Information Act (RCW 43.43.830 through 43.43.845)
The Washington State Legislature has helped us assure security for children by allowing background checks on all people who work with children in schools and in accordance with Chapter 43.43 RCW,prospective volunteers are required to complete this section
Seattle Public Schools care about our students and therefore we support this requirement and work to ensure all volunteers complete this form and undergo a background check each school year prior to beginning as an active volunteer.
Prospective volunteers are required to complete the disclosure questions below by answering YES or NO to each.
Due to risk management restrictions, SPS staff is unable to approve applicants who don’t disclose all past convictions and pending charges. Criminal records will not automatically disqualify your application; however, they may restrict your roles.
27. Disclosure (1): Have you been convicted of any crimes? Are there any charges pending against you? *
Disclosure (1): If the answer is YES, please explain as much detail as possible including the charge/ finding, date and the court(s) involved.
28. Disclosure (2): Have you been found in any dependency action under Chapter 13.34 RCW to have sexually assaulted or exploited any minor or to have physically abused any minor? *
Disclosure (2): If the answer is YES, please explain.
29. Disclosure (3): Have you been found by a court in a domestic relations proceeding under Title 26 RCW to have sexually assaulted or exploited any minor or to have physically abused any minor? *
Disclosure (3): If the answer is YES, please explain.
30. Disclosure (4): Have you been found in any disciplinary board final decision to have sexually abused or exploited any minor or to have physically abused any minor? *
Disclosure (4): If the answer is YES, please explain.
Disclosure (5): Are there any civil adjudications against you? *
Disclosure (5): If the answer is YES, please explain.
31. Is there any other fact or circumstance involving you and your background that would call into question you being entrusted with the supervision, guidance and care of young people, vulnerable adults or developmentally disabled persons? *
If the answer is YES, please explain.
32. If the role you are applying for requires special training or certificates (CPR, First Aid, Food Handlers Permit, etc) please attach them here.
Certificate # 1
Certificate # 2
Certificate # 3
33. Is there any additional information or attachments you'd like to share?
Attach file here
Thank you for taking the time to complete this application. We look forward to the difference your volunteer service will make in the lives of SPS students and school communities!
34. Pipeline volunteers only: Please share your current student status:


I have read the information contained in this application. Pursuant to RCW 9A.72.085, I certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Washington that the foregoing is true and correct. I authorize Seattle School District No. 1 (SPS) to conduct a background check and to obtain any and all information needed to process my volunteer application. I further authorize any person contacted by SPS to provide information to SPS about my volunteer application. I understand that if SPS discovers records on my Washington State Patrol WATCH report, I will be notified within 10 days and can request a copy of the report. I understand that information from others will not be made available to me. I hereby release and hold harmless Seattle School District No. 1 and all references from any and all liability in obtaining or disclosing such information about my background. I understand that the District may, at its discretion, exclude me from volunteering for any reason, including any misleading or incomplete statements on this application. I understand that the failure to answer any question truthfully will automatically disqualify you from volunteer and employment opportunities with SPS.

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