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File size limits: 10MB per file and 20MB total.
Each file you attach must be under 10MB. Submit two files at first, and if more files are needed, use a link in your confirmation email to add them.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Seattle Public Schools! Submit your complete application at least 2 weeks before expected volunteer service start date.

Before you begin, make sure you have the following items ready:

1. Proof of completing the Adult Sexual Misconduct (ASM) Prevention training available at http://seattleschools.org/misconductvideo - upload a digital copy of your certificate or email confirmation. You can also provide the approximate training completion date if you no longer have your certificate or confirmation email.
2. Emergency contact name and phone number.
3. Two references, including one personal or family reference.
4. Government issued ID (upload a digital copy - this can be a clear photo taken with a smartphone).
5. Your digital photo so staff can identify you when you arrive at the school.

Most schools send application status updates via email.

While completing the form below, please stay on this page - do not go back to your previous browser page - you will lose the information you entered.

If you are unable to upload requested documents, please deliver them to the school office within 10 business days - your application is not complete until school staff has copies of those items.

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Experiencing technical difficulties? Review these tips:

1. Do not exit the browser immediately after submitting your application. Wait for the next page to load & check if corrections are needed. A "thank you" page will indicate that your application was submitted successfully, followed by an automatic email confirmation.
2. Make sure you are using an updated browser. VolunteerLocal recommends Chrome.
3. Not sure if your files attached? Submit the form and review its contents in your profile link you'll receive via email immediately after applying (check your "junk", "spam" or "updates" folders).
4. Using a smartphone to apply? We recommend using a device with a larger screen.
5. Still having troubles? Submit your application without any attachments then look for an automated email in your inbox with your profile link. Click on the link to add files to your application.

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