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Chaperone Form K-12 Day & Overnight Field Trips - Safety & Student Supervision Guidelines (Volunteer Application Must Be Submitted First)

August 1st - 31st, 2020
Our online chaperone form ("Chaperone Guidelines Form") combines the following paper/PDF chaperone forms:
- Field Trip Chaperone Guidelines - Elementary School Day Trips
- Field Trip Chaperone Guidelines - Grade 6-12 Day Trips
- Field Trip Chaperone Guidelines - Overnight Field Trip
Complete this form to be eligible to chaperone day and overnight field trips for K-12 grades. You must submit the SPS Volunteer Application BEFORE completing this form.

FIELD TRIP VOLUNTEERS: You can complete your application process before field trip dates are announced, but no later than two (2) weeks before the departure date.
1. Submit the main volunteer application.
2. If your role will only involve chaperoning students, complete the "Chaperone Form" next.
3. If you will also volunteer as a driver to transport students in your personal or rented vehicle, complete the "Driver Checklist" next.
Volunteer drivers require an extra week for approval - complete all three forms at least three (3) weeks before field trip departure.

For international field trip chaperone form, visit http://bit.ly/spsintlchaperone.

Seattle Public Schools believes that field trips provide a valuable educational experience for students. Without the help of volunteer chaperones like you, many field trips would not be possible. We thank you very much for giving your time and support to these important activities.


Before you begin applying, make sure you have the following items ready:

1. Please complete this form AFTER submitting the main SPS volunteer application.
2. Read Board Policy No. 3246 "Restraint, Isolation, and Other Uses of Physical Intervention" available at http://bit.ly/sps3246 or in your school office.
3. Review Seattle Public Schools’ Code of Conduct available at http://bit.ly/spscodeofconduct or in the school office.

*** To help ensure that District-sponsored field trips result in safe and rewarding experiences for all participants, we have prepared these guidelines to provide information about volunteering as a field trip chaperone. Please read them carefully. ***

Because student safety is our paramount concern, Seattle Public School has established procedures for screening all school volunteers with unsupervised access to children. Please check the District website “Volunteering at SPS” for the latest requirements. No volunteer may chaperone a field trip until the background check and other requirements are completed. If you have recently moved to Washington State and plan to chaperone a field trip, the District may require a comprehensive background check. Please allow sufficient time to complete this requirement before the scheduled field trip departure date.

The District also requires that volunteer chaperones be at least 21 years old for grades K-8 field trips and at least 25 for grades 9-12 trips.



Prior to your field trip, the Lead Chaperone will provide you with information regarding the activities planned for the trip, expectations for supervising students, and emergency procedures. In addition, we have developed the following guidelines to help you perform your duties as a chaperone. If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact the lead chaperone or the building principal/program manager.

1. All school rules apply on District-sponsored events. Chaperones are expected to comply with District policies, follow the directions given by the District’s lead chaperone, work cooperatively with other staff and volunteers, and model appropriate behaviors for students. Be sure you are familiar with the Seattle Public Schools’ Code of Conduct.

2. To comply with District policy, during District sponsored events, chaperones:
· may not use, sell, provide, possess, or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
· may not use tobacco in the presence of, or within the sight of, students
· may not possess any weapon
· may not administer any medications, prescription or nonprescription, to students

3. Student behavior is your responsibility. School rules related to student behavior apply. You should be familiar with the SPS Student Rights & Responsibilities – Code of Conduct before the trip. Go over rules and standards of behavior, safety rules, and any site-specific rules with students. Ensure that students do not get involved in any extra activities not pre-approved by administrators and parents. If a student will not follow your reasonable requests to comply with behavior and safety rules, please notify the lead chaperone or other District staff chaperone promptly.

4. Students must be supervised at all times while participating in District-sponsored field trips. As a chaperone, you will supervise a small group of students, helping them learn and making sure they behave appropriately. Whenever you are not directly in the presence of your students, you must know their whereabouts, be immediately accessible to them in case of any problems and check on their well-being on a regular basis. Go over use of the buddy system with students under your care. Account for all participants regularly and before changing activities. Be sure you know when and where to meet your group at the end of the visit. Chaperones on international field trips assume 24 hour a day responsibility and are always “on duty”.

5. Chaperones may not discipline or inappropriately touch students. Chaperones may not give students gifts, rewards or food items of any kind without the Lead Chaperone’s permission. Any student safety or behavioral concerns must be brought to the attention of the Lead Chaperone immediately.

6. For the protection of both the student and the chaperone, chaperones should not place themselves in situations in which they are alone with a student.

7. Night-time supervision can present different challenges. Chaperones are not to share a room with students overnight but are responsible for ensuring that students are safely in their rooms at night. This will generally mean a bed check at lights out and at least one additional check during the night. Your lead chaperone will help you understand the requirements and procedures for specific locations where students will be lodging. Different rules may need to be established for lodgings where students are staying in a gym, in open cabins or other non-traditional lodgings.

8. Other than the spouse or partner of a chaperone, with prior written approval of the principal, family members or friends of a chaperone may not participate in a District-sponsored overnight or international field trip.

9. Chaperones who transport students in their personal vehicle must complete the Volunteer Driver Checklist form. You are expected to comply with all District and State student transportation rules and regulations. Be aware that your personal vehicle insurance provides primary coverage in the event of an accident or injury.

10. Be sure to know what to do in an emergency (medical emergency, natural emergency, lost child, serious breach of rule, etc.). Know who is first aid trained, where the first aid kit is, where the cell phone is kept, and who has the copies of parental authorization forms with emergency phone numbers and medical information.

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1. Did you read Board Policy No. 3246 Restraint Isolation and Other Uses of Physical Intervention? Visit http://bit.ly/sps3246 and review it carefully. *
2. Are you familiar with the Seattle Public Schools’ Code of Conduct? Please review it at http://bit.ly/spscodeofconduct before you submit this form. *
Are you applying to chaperone an overnight field trip longer than 3 days? If so, you must purchase a national background check (visit https://www.seattleschools.org/volbackgroundcheck for instructions).
3. If needed, are you also available to drive students during the field trip?
If you answered yes you will also need to complete the Driver Checklist available at https://seattlepublicschools.volunteerlocal.com
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